Ons Karoo Huis B&B is in the STARS!

"Ons Karoo Huis" managed by Pastor Gerald and Pastor Susan Snyman (NCCC Staff) got their 3-stars Grading Certificate! The luscious bed and breakfast guesthouse consist of 5 luxurious en-suite bedrooms that can accommodate singles couples and/or families, the rooms are equipped with ceiling fans for the hot summers and heaters for the cold Northern Cape winters, on top of all this, the DSTV equipped rooms promises cozy occupants!  “Die Karoo Huis” also provide its honored quests with scrunches home-cooked breakfasts, and boasts with a beautiful garden, braai-areas as well as a full sized billiards table.


A women with a servants heart Charleen Stec (Nissiotis) receiving her 2 year successful completion certificate at the Noupoort Christian Care Center.

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My Word will remain forever

As most of you have all heard about the tragic event that took place in Noupoort, in that the Potters House burnt down......the most remarkable and unexplainable discovery was made. The only item recovered under the burnt rubble and ashes......was The Holy Bible (God'sWord) Undamaged, untouched and protected. Nothing was salvaged in the blazing fiire. Can you believe this, the only item to have survived the Potters House Inferno..The Word of God. This was recovered by the owmer...Jesus said that heaven and earth will pass away BUT MY WORD WILL REMAIN FOREVER! This is a huge miracle....please pass on so that someone will be encouraged.

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New Years Party for Kingdom Kids

On the 3rd January 2016, Yda Krijgsman (the NCCC Social Worker and funder of the daily soup kitchen for local children of Noupoort) and John Louw (a man from the community who has developed under the guidance of Yda and has become an asset to not only his community but also Noupoort Christian Care Centre) hosted a part for the children of Noupoort.

This event was sponsored primarily by the residents from Ciara - Middelton who all contributed to bring a bit of happiness and joy to the underprivileged children of Noupoort.

Fun was had by all. Than you to all who contributed and organised the event.

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2015 - 90% Matric Pass Rate at NCEC

The NCEC received a 90% Matric pass rate with - believe it or not - with five distinctions in Life Orientation, Mathematics and Art; it is interesting to note that all our pupils were expelled at least 3 times from other schools, the rest were never attending school as it interfered with their drugging. Well done Professor Paul Roumanoff and his committed teachers! Well done to all the pupils who have proved themselves able and talented enough to move forward with their lives without drug abuse! Woe to the prophets of doom and gloom who diagnose these young men and women with bipolar disorder and other mental diagnoses and who prescribe to these young people pharmaceutical “drugs “ that have the same effect as illegal drugs.  READ MORE

We'll miss you Aunty Gladys

After many years of fighting against chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Gladys Nissiotis has won the battle and went to be with the Lord on 19th September 2012 at 10:35. Born 1944 25th October she was a wife, a mother (of many), a friend and co-founder of the Noupoort Christian Care Centre. She was a woman of faith who never allowed any situation to get the better of her. A woman of strength who gave the best of herself to everyone. No matter how many hurdles she encountered in her life, her FAITH AND STRENGTH remained intact. A lady small in stature but fired by an unquenchable faith in Jesus Christ. She altered the course of many people’s lives for the better. No one will ever take your place, you will always be loved, remembered and missed. From all of your sons and daughters throughout South Africa and further abroad. 

The service has been scheduled provisionally for 29th September 2012 and will take place in Noupoort. For further enquiries contact Ilze on 049 843 1872 or ilze@drugalarm.co.za
Amy Winehouse

Superstar Amy Winehouse singer and songwriter, died from Alcohol Poisoning in 23 July 2011. She lived a life of heavy drinking and substance abuse. In 2007 she was hospitalized for an overdose of heroin, ecstacy, cocaine, ketamine and alcohol. She admitted to having problems with self-harm, eating disorders and depression.

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About our Success Rate

In 2003 we did a survey to determine our success rate. The results were astounding, we achived a 76% success rate which is far beyond the universal success rate for drug recovery, click here to see how we substantiate our success rate.

Christmas Day Lunch

On the 25th December we celebrated Christmas day with an absolute feast at our Center. We feasted on a range of meats, vegetables and puddings while we kept our focus on the very light which our program
is based, Jesus Christ. Often this day is earmarked as a family event and we are very proud that on this day we were all one family focusing on Jesus and all working towards a common goal of being set free! We wish to thank all who joined us for Christmas Day! and all who were involved in making this momentous occasion a possibility.



Welcome to Noupoort

Noupoort Christian Care Center is the largest faith based rehabilitation center in South Africa.

Broken down as follows, our survey shows a 76% recovery success rate for those successfully completing the 52 week program. For this reason we can guarantee the recovery of any addiction for all those that are prepared to do an extra year after completion of the first year.

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