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Noupoort Christian Care Center is the largest faith based rehabilitation center in South Africa.

Broken down as follows, our survey shows a 76% recovery success rate for those successfully completing the 52 week program. For this reason we can guarantee the recovery of any addiction for all those that are prepared to do an extra year after completion of the first year.

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Restoring your life

You have been given an opportunity to restore what has been taken from you.

Let the Lord Jesus restore your life with a new meaning and a new life. It's never too late to change.

Embracing a future of success

Tired of feeling like a failure? Now is the time to embrace your future filled with success. We offer you the opportunities to learn the skills for a successful future.

By applying faith grow from one maturity level to the next.

Your recovery guaranteed

Due to our exceptional success rate, we have a LIFETIME GUARANTEE for the recovery of anyone who successfully completes our first year program and goes on to complete our FREE second year program.

Should they relapse they come back free of charge.

Don't waste any more time

Been searching for answers can't seem to find them lost all hope? Hit rock bottom? Tried everything?

Give our one step program a chance, fill in our application form, don't waste time.

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